Sbarro Espera Diva, 2006


The most beautiful surprise at the Geneva Motor Show 2006 is unquestionably the Alfa Romeo Diva. An interesting sketch was unveiled a few days before the exhibition opens, but the Diva is proving to be much more successful "for real" than on paper. This car is the result of collaboration between Wolfgang Egger (Head of the Centro Stile Alfa), the research center of the Fiat group and Franco Sbarro. The car was designed by Egger himself and was carried out by Sbarro and Espera students.


The style of the body evoke a nostalgic past (including the beautiful Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale), but without falling into the easy neo-retro design. The cart had gull wing doors and LED headlamps. The front came directly from Formula 1. All gives a face resolutely modern and sporty. The rear is much more retro, with two large round lights (Lancia Stratos inspiration ?). The dual exhaust central position in height is superb and gives a note of originality. This gives a compact car, which boasts a robust and strong personality. Success at any point of view. Inside, it is very spartan.


The 290 BHP 3.2-liter V6 mid-engined came from an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA. The drive trains are nothing less than the Ferrari F430. Not bad! Last precision, the weight is well content with 1100 kg. This gives a weight/power ratio of 3.79 kg/hp (for comparison, a BMW M3 had 4.35 kg/hp). The performance should be "interesting". The car, however, has certainly not been tested before the Genva Motor Show. Indeed, Espera students were forced to make a race against time to be ready in time. This explains a few details that reveal the speed.


The Espera Sbarro Diva is one of the most beautiful cars designed by Espera. Such success does not deserve one thing: to become a model for small series at Alfa Romeo. Dream ...


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)


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"The Espera Sbarro automotive design school has presented a radical concept car in Geneva designed in tribute to the Alfa Romeo brand. The concept is based on the theme of “interpreting Alfa’s glorious history”, and is being displayed at the prestigious show as a fully operational prototype.

Designed as a mid-engined sports coupe, the concept is far more extreme than anything that comes out of Alfa Romeo’s own Centro Stile. Included on the Sbarro show car is an interesting approach to the front spoiler, incorporating an aerofoil positioned across the nose, broken only by the traditional Alfa Romeo ‘scudetto’ grille. The nose section will also feature large individual scoops for cooling the front brakes, as well as spoilers moulded into the bottom of each fender.

The concept car also incorporates gull wing doors, the top section of which being fabricated totally from glass, separated only by a central beam to provide an H pattern when viewed from above. Generous rear intakes, similar in shape to those on the Ferrari Enzo, feed air to the transversely-mounted Alfa Romeo 'Arese' 3.2-litre V6

In typical fashion, the Sbarro Diva concept sportscar was only completed just in time to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The Espera Sbarro training centre, located in Pontarlier, France, offers a full-blown automotive design course, where the students are invited to discover the different aspects of the trade: sketching, polyester bodywork, modelling, moulding, general mechanics, automotive mechanics, chassis design, etc.

The course, which takes place over several months of the year, is open to all highly motivated individuals above the age of eighteen, with a passion for automotive design. With over forty years of experience, Franco Sbarro has created numerous concept Alfa Romeo’s ranging from the realistic 155 Sportwagon proposal, to the extreme dual V6 engined Issima roadster of 1996."






V6 60°


mid engine transversal


3179 cc


290 BHP


1100 kg


4 discs


2 gullwing doors





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