Sbarro Function Car, 1978



Franco Sbarro in 1991 presented the Dual Frame, and one of the advantages was the reduction of the weight. Yet a few years earlier, the same Franco Sbarro created the largest and heaviest of its achievements: the Function Car. Try to imagine this Cadillac of 7.10 m long and weighing 3 tons with a V8 8200 cm3!


The sponsor of this ship of the road is Joseph E. Adjadj, a wealthy Saudi businessman (owner of the brand TAG), which also buys shortly after another cruise ship: Le France!


The purpose of the Function Car is offering in the comfort of a luxury car the features of a business office. Franco Sbarro develop from a Cadillac Eldorado a real drive office: 4 chairs, 2 phones, 2 office secretaries. There is also a refrigerator and a television. The access is either on the front passenger side (the passenger seat at the front is shifted to the center of the car leaving a space next to the door) or the huge rear door. The carrier has been directed by the Swiss DEM. To the outside, we are far from the canons of beauty automobile. But this was not the concern of Sbarro: function first. And on this point, everything is successful. Let us not forget that we are in 1978. Today a television in a car or a phone are current, then it is prior art equipment. To support the weight and length of the car, Sbarro doubled the rear axle. The car is a 6 wheels.


There was a project to build 25 cars but unsuccessful. The TAG Function Car serve some time for travel in Europe. Franco Sbarro bought it at a good price (compared to its cost). It fails to be sold to a musician who wanted to install a piano! But seing the cost of the operation, she relented. Since it is still owned by Franco Sbarro.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




V8 (Cadillac Eldorado)




8200 cc


350 BHP


rear wheel drive


4-speed auto


lenght : 7,20 m


3000 kg

top speed

170 km/h





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